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Say NO to Captivity

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On January 6th of 2017, a beloved and beautiful animal died in captivity at the Seaworld in Orlando Florida. The 35-year-old Orca named "Tilikum" was captured in the waters of Iceland in the year 1983. He spent his WHOLE LIFE in captivity, being bullied by other Orcas and by being treated as a circus act. His floppy dorsal fin is a effect of being in captivity. Tilikum was forced to breed with numerous Orcas over the years but only 10 survived out of the 21 offspring that had been his. Tilikum was not a danger, he felt threatened because a pool at a aquarium park is not where Tilikum or any animal belongs! Tilikum is just one of many, but he killed 3 people. The people of Seaworld would not listen to him even when it came to the death of a human. No animal should be kept in captivity away from their natural habitat. Especially one with the name "killer whale". 

I WANT to STOP their pain. Let them live free like they deserve. I NEED your help and the communities help to make this happen. Make Tilikum's life count for something that can make a change!! Rest In Peace Tilikum <3

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