H&M: Give ALL of your workers a living wage.

H&M: Give ALL of your workers a living wage.

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Sara G started this petition to Karl-Johan Persson and

"In 2013, H&M published its “Roadmap towards
fair living wages” and gave 850,000 workers
hope of a living wage by 2018" (laborrights.org). 2018 is nearing a close, and this 'living wage' is nowhere near a reality for garment workers. Instead, they continue to be exploited in unsafe conditions, forced to work overtime to make ends meet. With the resources available to the present world, it is absolutely unacceptable that garment workers do not earn a fair living wage for the work they do. These are the people who make the clothes that are sold in the United states and Western Europe, as well as all over the globe - H&M has over 4,800 shops worldwide - and they deserve to be treated with equal dignity to anyone working in a nation with reasonable labor laws.

I am calling upon H&M group to make radical changes in their wage requirements at every level of the supply chain. This would require the brand to sacrifice a portion of its annual revenue, but it would create a better life for hundreds of thousands of garment workers worldwide. It can and should be a step in the right direction of actually fulfilling the promises the brand made to its workers in fall of 2013.

Personal story
I am a first-year student at a Jesuit University in the Northeast United States. Turning around the fast fashion industry is a cause that I hold close to my heart. When I purchase and wear a piece of clothing, I am instantly connected with the person across the world who made that garment. This is the reality of the globalized world we live in. And while Multinational Corporations (MNCs) like H&M earn billions of dollars annually, only a very small portion of this money is actually earned by the garment factory workers themselves. Their exploitation is essentially the true cost of cheap wearable goods sold by MNCs like H&M. To address the exploitation in the fashion industry, the dignity of garment factory workers must be affirmed, and not diminished, when they arrive at work each day. Please join me in signing this petition: to act as an advocate for those workers whose voice is silenced in a garment factory while they work overtime hours on a daily basis, and call upon H&M to make a radical change in their business model for the betterment of our globalized world.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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