Hold a Town Hall meeting addressing safety concerns at Stockbridge Community Schools

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Parents of Stockbridge Community Schools in Stockbridge Michigan have been on high alert and have been feeling very concerned about multiple threats made towards the school district via social media. Parents would like better communication and explanation as to how these threats continue to happen. It's requested that the Stockbridge Community Schools Superintendent hold a Town Hall Meeting to address many parents concerns.

Some concerns that should be addressed:

  • How can the school district be a target of social media threats repeatedly by the same offender?
  • Can parents launch an official complaint with the Ingham County Prosecutors about previous judgements?
  • How can we prevent social media leaks before parents are made aware of any threats?
  • What actions can parents take to help make our school district safer?
  • What active shooter policies are put into place in case of a real active shooter attack? and are the students made aware of these procedures?
  • Are there laws being broken on social media for implicating threats towards a community?
  • Are there laws being broken for terrorizing a community via social media?
  • How do we regain trust and comfort in the students who already have been made aware of these threats towards their school?

Knowledge is power and having streamlined communication between the school district, the police department and citizens of Stockbridge is key!