British Airways European commuters, have your voice too!

British Airways European commuters, have your voice too!

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Olivier LE BOURHIS a lancé cette pétition adressée à Karima Delli et à

Madame President,

I have been a Cabin Crew member with British Airways for 25 years and although being based in London, under an English employment contract, I am domiciled in France. There are several hundred of us in the same situation, flight attendants and pilots living in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, throughout the European Union. We are known in our professional jargon as"commuters".

As you already know the Covid-19 crisis has wiped out the tourism industry and the airline industry in just a few weeks. Airlines, despite the government measures in place (Job Retention Scheme) are reacting harshly to this pandemic. Some have already shut down, others are in dire straits, perhaps though their financial situation already being fragile long before the crisis.

This is NOT the case for my company, British Airways.

Of course, like its competitors, it has suffered the full brunt of the effects of the Covid-19: traffic reduced by 90%, aircraft immobilised and furlough for the majority of its employees. Its financial losses are very significant, but nevertheless still far from equaling the record profits harvested for several years.

For example, the liquidity of IAG in April 2020 stood at 10 billion Euros.

Profits which are the fruit of collective hard work and sacrifices made by BA employees at all levels for several years in order to make our company strong and profitable. Making it efficient, attractive and developing it, but also and above all else, allowing it to cope for future, if any, difficulties.

Today, the future is here!

However, today, British Airways’s only plan for this future is in a corporate fashion to quote « Preparing for a Different Future » which is based on massive redundancies: cutting 12,000 jobs among its 45,000 employees. But also and above all, the total questioning and remodelling of our working conditions for those who will have the chance, or not, to keep their jobs with "zero hours" contracts, ever-increasing precariousness, pseudo careers with no future.

Is this what we have worked so hard for?

What about billions of euros in profits?

What about the loyalty so often highlighted by our «corporate» leadership to galvanise the troops?

We feel betrayed by our «corporate» leadership.

This crisis appears more than ever as an opportunity to jump on the COVID-19 band wagon and implement a restructuring plan fomented for a long time.

All of this without consulting the trade unions BASSA/UNITE right from the beginning. These unions are now giving everything to support us, defend our rights and save our jobs.

It’s a massacre and a scandal!

I appeal to you, Madam President, because as I stated above, I am not domiciled in Great Britain and therefore cannot call upon a Minister of Parliament. These MPs have been contacted by my fellow residents in Great Britain. Many have responded rapidly to offer support for the impending meeting with the Transport Select Committee on the 11th May 2020 chaired by Huw Merriman MP to question IAG CEO Willy Walsh and BA management .

We need your voice and your support to give us added strength. We are determined to face this terrible deadline because we are proud of our profession and what British Airways should stand for.

My colleagues and their loved ones are joining me in this petition.

« Together we stand strong! ».

We thank you in advance for your attention to our request.

Very respectfully.

Olivier Le Bourhis



0 a signé. Prochain objectif : 1 500 !
Quand elle atteindra 1 500 signatures, cette pétition aura plus de chance d'être reprise par les médias et journaux locaux !