Portaupique, Nova Scotia needs a full time family doctor effective September 2020

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Portaupique, Nova Scotia is going to be without a full time family doctor as of September 2020.  We are especially vulnerable because of the recent mass murders, the largest in Canadian history.   We need to be sure that we will have at least a full time locum doctor in place in the Bass River Medical Offices, to ensure that the medical centre remains open and that we keep the drug store and most importantly that our traumatised population has a place to go for help.  Ideally a full time family doctor will again be in place and they will also be supported by mental health resources such as a collaborative practice with a social worker, nurse practitioner, or psychologist.
Resources should not be wasted, on third party oversight and their investigators who audit doctors relentlessly.  Our doctors are invaluable and need to be respected and adequately reimbursed.
A law should be in place, that requires all Nova Scotia graduates of Dalhousie medical school to serve in Nova Scotia for a period of time until the cost of their university is removed from the taxpayers of Nova Scotia. Also there must be the number of spaces for Nova Scotians at Dalhousie Medical School to ensure that all Nova Scotians have access to a family doctor.  Spending  government money on trying to recruit doctors from other countries should be a last resort.