Get rid of the timetable change for 2019. NO PERIOD ZEROS, NO 7 PERIOD DAYS

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Teachers, Students and Parents;

It has come to my attention that the school is attempting to start period zeros and seven day periods. As a student from our school i have already seen people not willing to have a early start or even an extra period.

Some students even say they will go on strike and not attend classes as it is too early. (Unreasonable) 

Us students already have tons of homework and study to do and some of us do homework late at night due to afterschool commitments such as basketball, footy, soccer.. Having an period zero and/or an extra period will not benefit the students at all, it will cause more harm than good.

Some teachers have addressed this issue towards us and they have said that if students were to have an early start then it will be reasonable to have an early finish as well.





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