Karen’s mother: Please bring your own breadsticks for Karen.

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Janelle Shane
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The title of my petition is "Karen's mother: Please bring your own breadsticks for Karen". This is a petition to raise awareness of the fact that Karen is not a ketchup eater. It's a petition to make Karen's ketchup taste a little sour and make it taste like vinegar. I encourage you to contact Karen's mom and provide her with an actual breadstick for every ketchup sale! Karen's mom wants Karen's ketchup so much to taste like vinegar that she refuses to buy her own. Please call for Karen's own breadsticks.

This petition includes no signatures for Karen's mom or any other ketchup distributors.

If you are making a profit on your ketchup sale (such as if your breadsticks sell) be sure to include your own recipe to make sure your ketchup is 100% safe to use! The KIDY CORK

Our friends at Boca Cola have just been introduced to some of the most affordable ketchup recipes available to Americans online. It's that easy! Click on the link below to download the free Boca Cola Bread Pack.

Boca Cola Bread Pack contains a free sample recipe to prepare your KIDY CORK. No extra ingredients, just a sample of our breadstick baking recipe.

If you've found your breadstick recipe, follow the link below to download the Boca Cola Bread Pack.

This recipe includes:

The following:

Step 1: Place all ingredients aside.

Step 2: Combine all ingredients together.

Step 3: Combine the KIDY CORK with your bbq sauce, then mix well.

For the Boca Cola Bread Pack add 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil to a ketchup maker or the sauce maker's hot oil on your ketchup maker or you can use a heavy duty bbq sauce maker or a hand blender.

For the Boca Cola Bread Pack add:

6 ounces ketchup

4 ounces extra virgin olive oil

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 (14 oz/15 ml) can sliced fresh pineapple

2 1/2 cups ketchup

5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

Mix all your ingredients together: Place all ingredients aside.