Save Lake Morena: We demand that the City of San Diego to stop draining East County Lakes

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Save Lake Morena: We demand that the City of San Diego to stop draining East County Lakes

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We the residents and supporters of the greater Mountain Empire region, Boulevard, Campo,Guatay, Jacumba, Lake Morena Village, Pine Valley, Potero and Tecate USA petition the City of San Diego as follows:

 Whereas, the City has drained the Morena and Barrett reservoirs abusively, without regard for the needs of public safety, wildlife or the valuable resource it drains from watersheds that belong to East County property owners and the public, and     

Whereas, the City has dishonestly claimed that it must keep lake levels low because it intends to renovate the dam at Lake Morena, but it has failed to do so as the months become years, and      

Whereas, this failure to maintain City property makes the City a negligent property owner who fails to live up to the public trust given to City officials by the people of San Diego, and              

Whereas, the City’s historic need for this water is obsolete, given that it has numerous other sources, including irrigation supplies taken from El Centro farmers, Metropolitan supplies taken from state reservoirs and desalinated water taken from Carlsbad – making Lake Morena’s tiny contribution more suitable for conservation as an emergency supply, and                

Whereas, the state’s new groundwater law may require that the current Lake Morena lease between the City and the County be revised to treat rivers, streams, lakes and aquifers as a connected hydro-logical system, as the new law explicitly acknowledges the ground-to-surface water connection and requires local agencies to apply “conjunctive” management of ground and surface water, and      

Whereas, the City has frivolously thrown this valuable resource into the sea because its primary reservoir had no room for the water – a wanton waste of a resource taken from others, and           

Whereas, wildlife, recreation, fire protection and local aquifers have suffered as a result of this willful mismanagement, and          

Whereas, numerous catastrophic fires have devastated urban neighborhoods and rural communities, highlighting the need for readily available water to keep fires from rampaging through wild lands and into cities that are not prepared to defend from them, and                                              

Whereas, deaths have resulted from these fires, most recently in the 2016 Border Fire, which killed two people, and               

Whereas, the extra time that it takes to fly the water from lakes further from back-country fires hinders firefighters and gives the fires time to develop into firestorms that place everyone and everything in mortal danger, and  Whereas, the Lake Morena Views Mutual Water Company, after providing water to firefighters for the Border Fire, had to buy water from Pine Valley Mutual Water Company to refill its depleted service tanks – thereby incurring direct costs for the ratepayers.

We request that:

1. The City of San Diego cease all draining of Lake Morena and Barrett Lake until the lake levels are optimum for people, groundwater, wildlife and firefighting capability.                    

2. The City of San Diego immediately commence repairs to the Lake Morena dam so water can be saved, instead of dumped into the ocean.  

3. Future water withdrawals from the lakes are done with careful consideration of the balanced use of this vital resource for city and rural residents, as well as groundwater, wildlife and public safety.          

4. The water volume in the lakes, in future, is kept at 50 percent or more so that water accumulated from local watersheds remains adequate to serve the needs of all.

Please join us on our Facebook page:  Save our East County Lakes.

Become further educated on the new laws regarding  surface and ground water, read articles in regards to the effects that draining has on our communities and lakes.  See past and present photos. 

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This petition had 1,077 supporters

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