End the segregation of homerooms during 8th grade lunch

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On the unfortunate event that occurred during the lunch period on January 21st, The entire 8th grade now has to sit by our homerooms because of the actions of two people which caused most of the grade to act out in celebratory way. Because of the escort of one student, the cafeteria applauded to our Assistant Principal, Mr. Christopher Rodriguez, for taking such professional procedures. Although he may have taken it in a different way, Mr.Rodriguez has earned major respect from the majority of the 8th grade. Because of the applause, we are now stripped of our senior privileges and now have to sit with our homerooms and have a risk of losing our senior trip, as well as our senior activities. With this petition, we are hoping to reach to our faculty and have them rethink their decisions of their treatment of this years 8th grade class.


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