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Stop animal testing at the University Of Kent

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Scores of animals suffer excruciating pain during experiments conducted inside the University of Kent's laboratories. If the university is, as it aspires to be, the progressive face of modern science, then we ask that it abandons cruel animal experiments.

From a recent FOI, we now know that the University of Kent has drastically upped the number of animals they use in the last year. In 2016, they used a total of 76 mice but in 2017, they used 476 mice.

Research indicates that one reason for this, is the large influx of PhD students at the university. The universitys own records show that the increase doesn’t worry Kent University, as long as they ‘share tissues’ to comply with the 3Rs.

Shockingly, despite only using mice for several years, the university is now preparing to start experiments on rats.

Studies on mice include those centred around circadian rhythms, breeding for transgenic animals, subjecting animals to ischemic reperfusion injuries, and spermatogenesis experiments. This futile and cruel research needs to end. We urge Kent to go animal free!


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