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Investigate Judge Martin Griffiths for corruption with regards to the trial of Ehsan Abdulaziz and his 'whoops I slipped' rape defense

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Recently a London court cleared Saudi millionaire Ehsan Abdulaziz of rape charges after accepting that he 'fell into' his victim. This ridiculous excuse passed with flying colours through our justice system with the help of the "honorable" Judge Martin Griffiths who "reportedly gave rare permission to allow 20 minutes of Abdulaziz’s evidence to be heard in private". (

This petition demands a full re-trial and an investigation into Judge Martin Griffiths finances and conduct. We would like to know what evidence was presented in private (and why) that convinced Judge Griffiths that this mans ludicrous story is true. Simple physiology suggests it is impossible for a man to accidentally penetrate someone, but if evidence has been presented that proves otherwise we would love to see it. 

This petition calls on Karen Bradley MP, who is the minister for preventing abuse and exploitation, to stand up on behalf of the British people and prevent millionaires from being able to buy their way out of rape charges. Rape is unacceptable regardless of how rich the perpetrator is and we expect Karen Bradley to take the necessary first steps in bringing these criminals to justice.(


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