Shorten stray hold time for pets in the city of Raytown

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When a pet is impounded in the city of Raytown they are currently held for 10 business days, so including weekends this results in 14 days of hold time confined to a kennel with no access to run free in a yard. Furthermore, these animals are not vaccinated upon arrival resulting in the mass transference of communicable diseases that can be deadly.  This prolonged stray hold time is also costing the city tens of thousands of unnecessary dollars.

There is currently not an ordinance that outlines the length of hold period, and somewhere along the line the hold time was increased without an ordinance change. We need the city of Raytown to pass an ordinance to change the stray hold period to 5 days.  5 days is the hold period for animals in all the surrounding cities, as well as the official recommendation of the State of Missouri.  The Department of Agriculture inspector for the city of Raytown has also requested this change directly to the city, which has thus far been ignored.

National studies show that if a pet is not reclaimed in the first 72 hours, there is almost no chance they will be reunited with their owners. Looking at the Raytown owner reclaim statistics this is has been proven to be the case, with dogs being reclaimed within 3.2 days, and all but 1 cat being reclaimed within 48 hours of being impounded. Please sign the petition and help Raytown save money, and reduce stress and illness of pets!