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Say No! to Police Brutality, Marginalization and Systemic Segregation in Cameroon!

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Note: We take a moment of silence to honor the lives that have been lost and displaced and brutally destroyed in the long struggle for fair share, equal opportunity and justice in Cameroon, not forgetting Ayong Magdalene, a student of the University of Buea who was brutally assaulted in her room and allegedly raped by the forces of law and order in Buea. Our heart goes to her and her family, and we pray for her speedy recovery.

As Concerned Cameroonians for Change, we lend our voices and condemn these acts of terror from the very system that swore an oath to protect us. We continue to show solidarity to all the brave men and women who in the face of danger from the brutality and inhuman treatments of the police in Cameroon, have continued to risk their lives, and maintaining peaceful demonstrations, calling on the government for a peaceful and inclusive dialog. We Pray, hope and wish that their struggle will not be in vain. That the change they seek, will one day be a reality not just for their children, but for all the children of the world to be guaranteed a safe learning and living environment, knowing that their rights to freedom and education are protected, justice and equal opportunities for all is preserved.

Recently in Cameroon, we have seen Lawyers put forward demands for changes that not only affect their profession but the rights of the people of Cameroon, we have also seen, read and heard demands from the Teachers and student Unions in the English-Speaking part of Cameroon demanding reforms that affect the education of generations of Cameroonians.

Unfortunately, the response of the government to the  legitimate claims of its people was one with violence and brutality, allowing fully armed police officers to disrupt the protest and practically chased protesters right into their homes, with batons and teasers, openly assaulted and humiliated the lawyers, teachers and students on the street exercising their civil rights.. According to Cameroon Concord, on social media “we live in a country where every situation is solved by force, by fist, by water cannon, by tear gas, by arrest and Etoudi [the presidency] says nothing. The country is now ruled in an undeclared state of emergency”.

Fellow leaders and citizens of the world, I am obliged by my responsibility as a concerned citizen and a leader to not be a passive consumer of this struggle going on in the English-Speaking part of Cameroon, and I ask the same of you. How many more must die, before we make that much-needed difference. The desire of the people is only a united Cameroon; one in which every citizen everywhere is treated with dignity irrespective of their linguistic, cultural or educational heritage, and I believe that’s not too much to ask. It’s their right!

Unfortunately, Innocent lives especially those of girls like Ayong Magdalene, women and children are always on the line, when these crises excavate, like we have seen in the cases of Rwanda, Syria and Libya and even Nigeria. We do not wish to see this happen, as the consequences and prize of our inactions will be too high, not only for the families concerned, but also for the global community.

We believe every citizen has a right to their freedom of peaceful assembly and to association with others and not to be subjected to torture and inhuman or degrading treatment. All children have right and access to quality education and fair system of justice and equal rights and opportunity for all. The Anglophone Lawyers, Teachers Union and student unions, are demanding a peaceful inclusive dialogue with the government. We urge YOU to help by calling the Cameroonian government to grant them their request.

We appeal to His Excellency President Paul Biya to be a Statesman and demonstrate that he wants to leave a legacy of a peaceful country by not being characteristically absent but must be part of the debate and address the nation, meet with the Lawyers, Teachers Union and the Students Unions. As the President who consolidated the Union through a 1984 decree changing the name of the country from the United Republic of Cameroon to The Republic of Cameroon; we need him to show that this gesture was one in good faith, says Arrey Obenson.

I am blessed every day to live in a country that is providing free and quality education for my children and I wake up with an assurance that their future is secured. But I must not be the exemption, let’s add our voices to the change that our brothers and sisters are seeking in Cameroon, a right to be treated as part of a bigger country and not just a minority group.

By signing this petition, we express our solidarity with the peaceful protesters, condemn the dispicable actions of the forces of law and order, sympathize with victims of police brutality and their families and call upon the world leaders to not let their sacrifices and, the shame and pain of our sister and daughter Ayong Magdalene, and many more that we do not know and may never to be in vain. Supporting all efforts to ensure their voices are heard, we ask that all international agencies, governments, organizations and civil society groups to support efforts in Cameroon aimed at fostering rights and access to education for all, as well as a fair justice and legal system for everyone, including the lawyers.

Stand with us and ask the Government of the Republic of Cameroon to have a peaceful inclusive dialogue with the Anglophone Cameroonians, and address their concerns amicably. Say No! to marginalization and systemic segregation of the Anglophones.






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