Take Common Core Math out of Maryland!

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Let's start off by saying, we (The students and supporting parents in the state of Maryland) can almost all agree Common Core Math is not needed for students. Common Core has caused so much stress and depression in students as they are faced with un-needed and stressful situations. This is not supposed to be a Navy Seal simulator... No other nation in the world has inflicted so many changes or imposed so many mandates on its teachers and public schools as we have in the past dozen years. No other nation tests every student every year as we do. Our students are the most over-tested in the world. No other nation—at least no high-performing nation—judges the quality of teachers by the test scores of their students. Before Common Core was released in 2010, there were already so many great scholars, heroes, and geniuses, and guess what they weren't forced to learn Common Core... Go to any public school and take a survey on how the students feel about this curriculum, it is guaranteed most will come to the same point. That this causes so much stress and anxiety to the point where students are too exhausted to even participate and try.

If Common Core is replaced with a new, or even the old, curriculum, students and teachers will be so relieved as both parties do not have to worry about anxiety as much. Teachers will not have to worry about their job being on the line if their students don't do well on the tests students take EVERY year (Now deciding the classes one must take based on their score). 

So please, for the sake of the student body of Maryland, lets get 100,000 signatures on this petition and together WE can make a difference for the better of the Marylands education and students!

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