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The people of Mwimbi (Maara Constituency) and its environs have for long suffered over the condition of Keria-Magutuni road.This problem persists in dry and rainy seasons unabated! The worst being the rainy seasons and especially this one.

This is a busy road from which most of our youths earn their income. A road leading to the 2nd best school in the constituency (Kiurani boys), to Magutuni District hospital and by extension to the TNC headquarters at Kathwana and most importantly to the homes of the faithful voters of Kareke Mbiuki and the Jubilee government.

Several millions have been allocated to this road for upgrading over the years yet it has never become an all-weather road. At one time our young people took to streets and barricaded the road but nothing tangible has been done upto and including now. Surprisingly, the problems of that time are worser today.

This year the road was never graded to give the politicians political mileage by claiming that the road was awaiting tarmacking. The DP Ruto came to kaare and gave us February promises. To our surprise February came and went,then Uhuru came and passed by the same road and gave his 30 days ultimatum which has never lapsed to date.

If it rains today,your sick relative or yourself can die before getting to the tarmac, you can miss an interview or an important appointment or even lose a job simply because you couldn't get to the tarmac. An exam can fail to get to an examination centre on time stuck on this road. Criminals have taken advantage of the situation and attacked those that get stuck on the road at night. e.t.c

The road can't be tarmacked today,but it can be made passable today. If a single man,out of good will has changed the status of the road at "Kîthii kîa Mûnyua", how much more can the MP do,with the NYS lorries and tractors lying idle in his constituency?? I don't want to assume that it's the notion of "antû ba mpuruni" that is making him this ignorant. Otherwise we will RESIST

The status of this road is against Kareke's and Uhuru Kenyatta's mantra of "Maendeleo mashinani,Kazi kwa wananchi" and so on. There can never be maendeleo with impassable roads!!!

SOMEONE must be held accountable.   SOMEONE must take responsibility, and that's none other than Maara MP KAREKE MBIUKI

We are the very same voters and in the words of U.Kenyataa, Maara ~"WE SHALL REVISIT"


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