Be able to wear hoodies at Kapiti college

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I’d like to propose that Kapiti College allows hoodies or at least school branded hoodies to be worn to school.

Not all Kapiti college students can afford the school jackets which are over priced, break easily, are made from a thin material. They’re tailored with weird measurements, don’t express students personalities (not just the jacket), are down right ugly and aren’t even warm or water proof.

During the cooler months, not having a warm cozy hoodie is undeniably horrible. Students have to walk around in the cold, wet and windy weather.  Hoodies provide more warmth and comfort than the jackets, provide better protection from the wind, can better express a students style and fit all body types. I took a poll and 100% the results said that even just holding a hoodie made students feel less anxious and comforted. 

In addition not everyone can afford the pricey jackets which cost $100. To purchase one can place a lot of financial strain on many families, especially large Tamaulipas. The hoodies by comparison are much more affordable at less than $50, 

Some might say just to buy the woolen sweater/jumper, but they don’t protect you from the wind, are scratchy, give some people a sort of allergic reaction and you can’t even buy them at the uniform shop unless they’re second hand, and no one wants a bunch of sheep pubes and someone else’s dry skin on their back.

It’s not just wearing hoodies that’s a problem, it’s gotten to the point that you can’t even hold a hoodie without it getting taken off you. During winter this leaves many students without adequate protection from the elements making them more vulnerable to illnesses like colds and flu which impact on students learning as they must then take more sick days at home to recover. 

Please sign up even if your not a student at Kapiti college you still take us a step closer to keeping students warm and sick free.