Stop the Kapiti Gateway Project

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Kapiti Coast District Council is about to vote to proceed with the Kapiti Gateway project costing $4.9 million + $800k estimated annual running costs. 

Consider the following:

  1. Where is the benefit for Kapiti Coast residents? 
  2. The annual losses will contribute towards an expected 7% rates increase this financial year, (initially when this petition started it was expected 11%)
  3. KCDC shut down the I-SITE visitor centre in 2018 because it was uneconomical - costing ratepayers around $200,000 a year to run.  Now they are proposing to build a new visitor centre costing $4.9m and up to $800,000 a year to run.
  4. KCDC ignored the Paraparaumu Beach Business Association survey that was presented to the council meeting on 28th May 2020.  462 people completed the survey KCDC ignored the results of this survey.   The survey showed businesses believe the Kapiti Gateway will bring no financial benefit to the business community at the beach, or the ratepayers.  These views, from those whose livelihoods in part depend on visitors to the area, have been totally ignored by KCDC.  LINK TO SURVEY
  5. KCDC says visits to the island would take place 365 days a year, and numbers would increase from 6,000 this year to 30,000 just by having a building. This is not even possible as trips to the island are entirely weather dependent.  Over the last 20 years, the average number of sailing days has been around 160 per year.
  6. Council staff have acknowledged that these increased visitor numbers are not possible, and that the Gateway would have to be subsidised by ratepayers. 
  7. One of the two companies who provide boat services oppose  the Gateway and say it may even put them out of business.
  8. KCDC is proposing to use ratepayers money to fund the entire running costs of this bio security and ticketing office. 
  9. There is no evidence a Gateway is needed for bio-security for the island.  For the past 35 years the current arrangements have been 100% secure.
  10. Although the community say more car parks are needed at Paraparaumu Beach, 17 car parks will be lost through this project.
  11. Council is going against its own recommendations for "Coastal Retreat" due to future climate change.  
  12. 68% of the total building is for sole use bio security and storage for visiting Kapiti Island.  The remainder of the floor area is for ticketing, staff and tourism information, is this acceptable?

Put resident’s needs first - If the Gateway proceeds these priorities will have to go:

  • Affordable rates - projected rates increase this year - 11%
  • Waikanae library replacement (up to $13m.)
  • Repairs to Te Newhanga Community Centre  ($1.3m)
  • Paekakariki seawall will cost millions
  • Bringing up pensioner housing in the district to the latest government standards.

We, the undersigned, oppose the proposed Gateway Project because it is economically unjustifiable, fiscally irresponsible and unsustainable. 

We believe rates should prioritise projects that actually benefit residents, including those listed above.