To stop the demolition of Kant Enclave colony in Faridabad

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When a Government is giving Approval to a builders colony in February 1992 and the same government is declaring it under Forest land in August 1992. How is this even possible. 500-600 families have invested money in that colony. And then the Supreme court of our country declares it as forest land too. And states that it was a scam and both the builder and state government were involved in it. And then the builder is asked to pay the money of the investors with 18% interest over 28 years. What should the builder do, where should it go?? Will the president listen to them now. An approved colony which gets approval from the town and country planning department of the state, is notified as forest land after 6 months of it getting the licence/approval. This means that there is no difference between unauthorized colonies and authorised colonies. This means getting approval or licence has no meaning. This means that sangam vihar types unauthorized colonies are the future of this country. Even the Ex-Chief Justice of India, who is a resident in that colony since past 20 years is surprised by this verdict. 

Kant Enclave Faridabad.