Get KSU to care more about students than money

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In short, this is what we want:

  • Partial refund on tuition in the event that classes move to completely online before the end of the semester.
  • The online class fee of $70/credit hour should be a reduction in price per credit hour, rather than an additional charge.
  • The campus privilege fee of $472.50 (for full time students) needs to be pro-rated to accurately represent the amount of services the university is providing, compared to last year.

Anyone who supports the students at K-State in our desire for change is welcome to sign our petition! Friends, family, coworkers, weird neighbors, etc...

Why do we want these changes?

  1. The last day for a 100% refund on a dropped course is September 8th, and there will be "No tuition or fees refunds will be issued if the need arises to temporarily teach or finish the semester remotely". The set refund date and unwillingness to provide refunds in the case of a switch to remote learning does not reflect a university that cares about treating their students fairly in regards to what they are paying for versus what they are receiving. We pay K-State for in-person instruction because that is how we learn best. If the university cannot provide what the students paid for, they should provide some sort of financial reimbursement. That is simply good customer service.
  2. Many of us have taken online education courses through Kansas State University in the past, and it is understandable why the extra fees occur when students enroll for classes with the intention of taking that class remotely. But when a student enrolls for a class with the intention and purpose of taking it in person, and the circumstances cause the class to be moved online after enrollment, should not provoke an additional fee for students who did not intend to take a course online. The additional $70/credit hour fee should at least not occur for students who had enrolled in the in person course, and honestly should be $70 cheaper than the tuition rate charged for the in person course. 
  3. From the rec (only 30% open), to Hale Library, to the Union, to college facilities and resources (such as Fiedler Library in the College of Engineering, study rooms in the Business Building, and human body labs in the Ackert), students are not receiving the same "privileges" as we have in the past. Yet we are still paying the same price as before. We request that this fee be reduced in some capacity to reflect the changes in what students have access to this semester.

We are proud to represent Kansas State University, and love the time we have spent learning and growing as students thus far. We also believe that the world we live in is changing rapidly, and affecting students' lives in many ways. This is not in our control. But K-State has the power to help ease the financial burdens many students are feeling and, most of all, to care more about treating students fairly than about the amount of money they are receiving.

In the event that Kansas State University does not make any effort to make students a priority, and not change a single thing listed here, we as students will not be enrolling at KSU this fall and will be taking our business to a more affordable online college elsewhere.