Ban America First Students from Kansas State University

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Riley George
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"i promise to continue university efforts to provide a place where differences are celebrated and inclusion is valued."

These were the words that K-State President Richard B. Myers said in response to the #BlackAtKState movement today. Anyone who has been at K-State the past few years, or has otherwise read the thread over the past few days is baffled with the word "continue." That would imply that beyond a few PR events to assuage guilt on behalf of the administration that K-State has actually taken a stand against racism. Instead, K-State has allowed racist incidents like nooses hanging from trees or blackface escalate and ferment into a white nationalist group forming on campus.

Jaden McNeil and his group America First Students have been allowed to spread their hateful rhetoric on campus, and online, using McNeil's virality among known white nationalist group the Groypers to attack several organizations and events on campus, including The Collegian, KSU Democrats, K-State College Republicans, The Annual K-State Drag Show, and others. America First hopes to use Kansas State as a testing ground for more chapters of white nationalist groups throughout college campuses. If "everyone has a personal responsibility to end racism" like President Myers said today, we simply cannot allow this group a platform at K-State, or to spread to other universities. 

It's honestly sad at this point that COVID-19 has done more to prevent the spread of racism, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, and homophobia than the administration of K-State has. If President Myers is serious about ending racism at K-State, or even just taking K-States Principles of Community (which America First consistently violates) than Jaden McNeil and America First have got to go.