Choice Over Control: COVID Mandates should not be forced; Freedom of Choice is our right

Choice Over Control: COVID Mandates should not be forced; Freedom of Choice is our right

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To The Hearts of America,

I believe it is a human right to have a choice weather we vaccinate ourselves and especially our children. In matters of health there are many ways in which we can prevent the spread of disease & illness that do not require us to force people to get a vaccine, or else they loose their jobs or fear losing public education for children. Based on very little research and no long term clinical data to show the damage to the body that could be caused by the injection to the future generations. I think it’s fair we are allowed a choice to walk amongst the world with our freedom intact. Taking away the basic human right to make a choice is a reoccurring theme in society where we blindly follow misinformation, rather than being allowed the choice we have as an Americans to have this right. Are we going to do what is right or what is popular? If we continue to allow the authorities to force us into situations that make us uncomfortable we surrender our rights to say no. Do you truly feel that forcing people to do what is uncomfortable is healthier than allowing them to feel safe and secure that their voice is heard and accepted in a country that allows us that freedom. The children need parents and adults who stand up for what they believe, not ones who just do what they’re told. Or else we’re raising a generation of children who don’t believe in themselves and follow a narrative that may not be true to what they believe. Are we acting out of fear or we acting out of love. Which is more important fighting? Or accepting others and their differences, Even though we may not believe 100% of what another says, doing the right thing means allowing them to have a voice just as we deserve one. 

I hope we can agree to disagree & move in a direction that benefits us all not just some of us.

Thank you for allowing me to have my freedoms & I also am grateful you are allowed to have yours

sing if you agree freedom is our birthright 


The very concerned citizens of this beautiful earth

19 have signed. Let’s get to 25!