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Help make medical marijuana legal for patients like Larry Burgess II

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Larry Burgess II is a young man that started having seizures at the age of 32. The side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs they had him on were so bad that it almost tore his family apart. Once he was able to get off those and get thru the withdrawals from them he found medical marijuana helped him so much more than anything else. He would extract the oils to put in capsules to take and also to use as a topical for the pain from the horrible muscle spasms. Larry was arrested as if he was dealing drugs, when he was only using this for his own personal need. He wasn't hurting anyone, in fact he was feeling good enough that he was starting his own catering business and it was really starting to take off. 

We ask that you sign this petition in support of Larry and so many others in the State of Kansas that would benefit from legalizing medical marijuana. Think of those that have chronic pain and have to take addictive pain medication just to deal with the pain, but aren't able to function under the influence of said medication. Think of those that are going thru chemotherapy and the benefits medical marijuana would be for them and their nausea. Think of those that have seizures, both young and old, that have to take extremely high doses of both addictive and toxic medication, just with the hope of slowing down the seizures. 

I have personally witnessed Larry having a seizure twice. It is hard on him physically, mentally and emotionally, and it is just as hard on his family. To see a man suffer just because a plant is illegal to use for medical purposes is wrong and inhumane. 

Thank you for reading our petition, for signing our petition and for sharing our petition. 

Education is key. 

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