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Petitioning Kansas City Public Schools The Office of Board Services and 11 others

Kansas City Public School Board: Only a non-commercial use should be considered for the Bingham Property

If you care about the Waldo community; if you value its charming neighborhoods, local businesses, and vibrant social scene; and if you want to see Waldo thrive well into the future, then sign this petition.

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Letter to
Kansas City Public Schools The Office of Board Services
Superintendent, Kansas City Public Schools R. Stephen Green, Ed.D.
Sub-district 6, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Carl Evans
and 9 others
Sub-district 5, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Curtis L. Rogers
Sub-district 4, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Joseph Jackson Sr.
Sub-district 3, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Marisol Montero
Sub-district 1, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Jon Hile
Sub-district 2, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Gunnar Hand
Member at-large, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Kyleen Carroll
Vice-Chair, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Crispin Rea Jr.
Chair, Kansas City Public School Board of Directors Airick L. West
Director, KCPS Repurposing Initiative Shannon Jaax
We are homeowners, residents, and neighbors of Waldo. We work, shop, and play in Waldo. We are Waldonians, and we love Waldo. We love it for what it was, for what it is, and especially for what it can become.

We believe that non-commercial use for this property is the only truly viable, long-term option for our community and for its people. We are asking you to reject the current proposal for a Walmart Neighborhood Market, and obtain a new estimate for the Bingham school, one that is based on non-commercial use.

Opening up the option for non-commercial use of the Bingham school will allow us to move forward with proposals that will bring valuable benefits to our entire community. It is simply not possible for any commercial use in this spot to deliver the priceless benefits that really matter to our entire community. Therefore, we cannot support any commercial use for this property.

We have chosen to spend our time and our money in Waldo because this community is exceptional. Many of us have chosen to invest in this neighborhood by purchasing and nurturing its lovely homes and by building our lives, our businesses, and our families here. We want the opportunity to shape the future of Waldo, and we are excited about both the potential of this property and the possibilities it presents for us all.

Over 100 years ago, celebrated Kansas Citians including Dr. David Waldo, J.C. Nichols, and Napoleon W. Dible developed and built our distinctive neighborhood. These visionaries—and countless others who came after—constructed our charming homes and buildings, designed our walkable streets, built our small businesses, and crafted the foundations of the modern community that we enjoy today. Through the decades, Waldo has grown, evolved, and thrived, but it has kept its friendly personality and small-town feel. We want our own opportunity to preserve our extraordinary Waldo and to ensure that our favorite neighborhood continues to flourish.

The Bingham school represents our best opportunity to shape a better future for our beloved Waldo and for fellow Waldonians. We have many ideas, and we have specific plans and proposals in progress. We are passionate about achieving this attainable goal, but we need you to act. The best long-term solution for this property requires a non-commercial use, which will help us strengthen our community and enhance quality of life in Waldo.

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