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Petitioning CEO, Kansas City Power & Light Terry Bassham

Kansas City Power & Light: Continue Solar Rebates for 2013


On Friday, July 5th Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L) threatened to suspend the solar rebates for 2013.  Without this rebate, KCP&L's customers wouldn't be able to put up solar, solar companies wouldn't be able to sell solar , and all Missourians would suffer from over-reliance on coal and gas.  The demand for solar has only increased since 2008 when 66% of Missouri voters passed the renewable energy standard (RES).  KCP&L needs to be held accountable by their customers and supporters of clean energy.

Letter to
CEO, Kansas City Power & Light Terry Bassham
Kansas City Power & Light needs to keep offering solar rebates continually to their customers. Please rescind your July 5th filing and instead reassure your customers that solar rebates will be available for years to come.