Protect the 18th & Vine District

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Signing this petition represents your support in the demand for increased police presence in the 18th & Vine Entertainment District. 

Kansas City's 18th & Vine Entertainment District is home to many businesses that reflect the historic significance of the street itself. As a globally recognized tourist destination, the preservation of these establishments, and the protection of its patrons is important. 

The community has noticed the disparities of the safety measures taken in 18th & Vine compared to other entertainment districts. There seems to be a limited police presence. This district deserves the same protection as any other entertainment district in Kansas City. With increased police presence in the 18th & Vine district, the community can safely patronize businesses that reside in the district, and business owners can be assured that their businesses are safe in the community. 

The 18th & Vine district is important to the historic reference of the black community and to Kansas City as a whole. We all must join together to protect that at any cost!