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Give police officers their promised pay increase, keep their healthcare

Every day police officers put their lives on the line for others. They have what are called pay step increases, these are yearly pay increases that were promised to them in writing upon hire to KCPD. They are now going on 4 years without an increase to their pay. Some of these officers have not received an increase since they have worked for KCPD. You wouldn't be too happy if your employer didn't give you what they promised for just 1 year let a lone 4!
To top things off the city is threatening no step increases unless the police go to city insurance. This would basically void any increase in pay specially if the officer has a family. The police department employees have stayed healthy and fit and because of this their insurance premiums have not increased for several years now.
Please sign this petition to let the city and BOPC (board of police commissonairs) know what they are doing is wrong!

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