WSU wants Dr. Golden to remain our President!

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Wichita State University President Dr. Jay Golden had a big hand in creating a compromise that ensured Ivanka Trump would not be the headlining speaker for the WSU Tech’s Spring 2020 Online Commencement. Dr. Golden was acting on the behalf of his university after having received an open letter (with 488 signatures from WSU staff, alums, and students alike) protesting Trump’s virtual presence at any WSU-affiliated event.

Dr. Golden helped achieve a compromise - Ivanka Trump’s speech was still made available to any WSU Tech student who wanted to watch it, and a student was asked to be the main speaker for graduation. Part of his reasoning was; “Politics set aside, we will and I will not do things intentionally to distract from a celebration which should be a celebration experience for the students and their families,”

Unfortunately, many people were not happy with Dr. Golden’s decision, and multiple donors to the university are threatening to pull their funding because of it. The Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) is meeting (TODAY) Wednesday, June 10, in the afternoon to discuss Dr. Golden’s future at the university. 

Join me in signing this petition to the KBOR to support Dr. Golden the way he supports WSU students every day! We want Dr. Golden to keep his job and continue to advocate for us. 

“I live and I own this decision. But I also want to say to the faculty and staff and students that we are focused on diversity, and we are going to be focused on diversity of our workforce, our student body, but also in regard to diversity of thought. We’re not going to back down.” - Dr. Jay Golden