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Lower Graduate Tuition in Kansas

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We, the undersigned, call on the Kansas Board of Regents to keep graduate tuition affordable for all students. The current Republican Tax Reform Plan will make tuition waivers -- which graduate students receive in exchange for working as instructors, teaching assistants, and researchers -- into taxable income. This will result in tripling the taxes of most graduate students without changing their wages.

This means that Kansas graduate students living paycheck-to-paycheck on $16,000 a year will go from paying about $500 in taxes to nearly $1400, by some estimates, or even higher. This will place graduate education out of reach for students that are not already independently wealthy.

If universities in Kansas are to keep its graduate programs robust and competitive with other schools, it will need to take drastic action. Graduate students are the backbones of the university system. Kansas universities works because we do.

Should this tax reform become law, graduate students will need to have this new fake income offset in order to continue their education. Increasing our wages will increase our tax burden. Therefore, we call on the Board of Regents to LOWER the graduate tuition at all of the Kansas public universities under its control. This is the only alternative that will solve the problem that Congress has created.

Public education is a public right, and should be equally accessible to all students, regardless of their income. Getting a degree should not be a vow of poverty. If you agree, please sign and share!

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