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Release Brent Porter

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Brent Porter was currently revoked on his probation with his probation officer in Sherman County Kansas. 

The reason behind his latest violation is because Brent lied to his probation officer about his job. He was working at frontier ag in Goodland Kansas. One of Brents co workers was trying to get Brent to use drugs. So he actively started seeking a new job. Brent switched jobs and did not tell his probation officer instead he thought not telling her would make it better because then she would presume that Brent had been using drugs again and throw him in jail anyway. 

He has been sitting in jail since August 25th. His revocation hearing was 9/11/17 where they revoked his probation giving him 6 months in county jail. . For changing jobs? 

Most violators are in jail for doing drugs. Not Brent. He is a good man. He had a good paying job, doesn't get in trouble and takes care of his family that he also is not suppose to be around because we are both on probation for unrelated things. We had to cancel our wedding or our probation officers were going to put us both in jail. After already being together. 

Brents court appointed attorney who I'm sure most of you know, Leslie Biems. Leslie refuses to return phone calls, keep appointments or even speak to people until the day of their court hearing when she just decides if she's going to fight for anything or just go along with what is recommended which is what she usually does. It is impossible to get a fair hearing when the judge, DA, public defender and probation officers are in the same bed. It is also unfair to revoke probation on ineffective assistance of counsel... violation of his right to a full hearing and an objective ruling by the courts. 

This is not the first time this has gone on in Sherman County. Our court system needs to make this right in all cases not just Brents. This goes on alot more in smaller towns rather than larger communities and it's time it ends.  

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