Postpone Kannur University Exams

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This petition is regarding the postponement of the Kannur University Examinations which are to be held in June, 2020
1) The students who have enrolled for Kannur University examinations are facing immense problems and hardships to continue their studies during this pandemic. Stress, lack of availability of adequate resources, abrupt change of their entire schedule have led them under-confident. 

2) Given the current situation of our country and from the experiences from other countries, it can be very well established that the given situations shall take time to get back to normal and in such a situation health of the student should be of paramount consideration and nothing other than this. 

3) Not only the enrolled students but their parents too are into a huge dilemma that is it safe to go out and appear for the exam in such a situation.

4) The current situation in India is beyond control and many colleges have canceled their exams and have allowed students to pass through to the next semester by just submitting online assignments. Symbiosis International University, ILS and many other reputed colleges have come up and taken the above-mentioned action.
5) Many other universities further postponed their examinations in the Interest of students

6) In the interest of the students appearing in June, we hereby humbly plead for postponement of Kannur University examinations till this pandemic is completely under control.