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Hi All,

  As all of you are aware of, Force-GW, in partnership with the Kannamangala Panchayat, is working towards the rejuvenation of our neighborhood Kannamangala lake. We have made very impressive progress in the last 6 months.

Unfortunately, but as expected, a few local people with vested interests, who were profiting from exploiting the lake before this work was undertaken, have begun creating nuisance for our team and deliberately disturbing the work. Their strategy focuses on creating fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the public, about the work undertaken.
This petition is to communicate back in strength that the lake is critical for all of us and hence its rejuvenation is a must for our well-being. The petition further states that works undertaken to develop the lake should continue till it they are completed. A list of all pending tasks is listed in the petition. We need your support to prevent losing the gains made so far, and also to complete the development works as planned, without any hindrance/encumbrances. 

Please sign the petition below reaffirming support for the cause.



Panchayat Development Officer (PDO),

Kannamangala, Bangalore- 560115

Dear Sir,

Sub: Rejuvenation and Development of Kannamangala Lake - Namma Kere, Namma Jeeva

We, the residents of Panchayat area, under the permission granted by the Kannamangala Panchayat vide letter dated 08-02-2019 to Force-GW, have undertaken the rejuvenation and development of Kannamangala Lake with TWO main objectives,
1. Improve and protect the water table in and around Kannamangala Panchayat.
2. Maintain a healthy ecological balance and a clean and green environment.
Since February 2019, Force-GW, in partnership with the Kannamangala Panchayat, is working towards the rejuvenation of Kannamangala lake. We have made very impressive progress in the last 6 months.

Key points being:
> removal 300 tonnes of garbage,
> de-silting of the lake,
> fencing the burial ground,
> getting the BESCOM cables moved,
> the design & preliminary work of wetland to treat incoming water,
> Over 30 varieties of birds have been identified as regular visitors to the lake,
> Over 60 types of indigenous trees have been planted (5000 saplings),
> and, fishing has been banned to create the right ecological environment that encourages rejuvenation. (Nets, left behind, have killed and maimed many of the aquatic animals such as tortoise etc.)

All of this work has been undertaken ONLY through financial contributions of Hon MLA Shri Arvind Limbavaliji, residents of member communities of Force-GW and CSR contributions. We have consulted with various authorities and subject matter experts in the process of planning of this lake development such as then Chief Engineer BBMP lakes, BIOME, SayTrees and United Ways.

The following activities need to be undertaken and completed:
> Planting of vetiver on the banks of the lake to prevent soil erosion
> Completion of wetland such that incoming water is treated before it enters the lake
> Fencing of the lake to protect from nefarious & illegal activities
> Open, safe and recreational space for the elderly
> Children’s play area
> Walkpath
> Pond for cattle to drink water
> Streetlights
> Security post with guards
> Watch towers

All of the above has been brought to your review time & again and further, you have also made time to inspect the progress regularly.

During the last Panchayat meeting, certain vested interests from the village area of Khajisonnehalli and Kannamangala have raised frivolous concerns and levelled serious objections against the volunteers without any substantive proof or evidence.  They have also abused and heckled our senior members who have untiringly worked for the lake’s interest.

All of our effort has been done with tremendous transparency and goodwill. We are also grateful for the support extended by the Hon MLA Shri Arvind Limbavalliji and Hon MP Shri P C Mohanji in this endeavor.

The redevelopment of the lake should continue without fail and we demand that the Panchayat play a constructive role in holding back the nuisance creators. Please ensure that Force-GW continues with the project per plan and that there are no deterrents and encumbrances whatsoever in the path of completion of this initiative.

We urge you to take measures and steps to stop such vested interests immediately.