People of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry: Lets setup Cauvery Management Board

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Its been decades since we have been fighting over Cauvery, our lifeline. Many a times we turn violent. We all cherish her, we all need her. And we all try to get a share of her.

The latest allocation, which has been granted by the Supreme Court might dissatisfy some of the Tamil Nadu side and some on the Karnataka side or some on the Kerala and Puducherry side. And yes there will always be disgruntlement between sides over whatever allocation is agreed, isn't it? How many of us can be sure of how much we need. We after all need to trust somebody on this. Here is the final allocation (all in TMC) for the next 15 years which the Supreme Court (SC) has decided for us.

  • Kerala: 30
  • Karnataka: 270
  • Tamil Nadu: 419
  • Union Territory of Pondicherry: 7
  • Environmental protection: 10
  • Inevitable escapages into sea: 4

The Cauvery Management Board (CMB)

So now that the allocation has been done there is the need to implement this on the ground. The SC has asked to set up a 'scheme' to ensure that the  agreed quality is given to the respective state. This has been envisaged as the Cauvery Management Board (CMB). The SC has also clarified the 'scheme' can be anything to implement its order.

This board will have engineers related to water management and also representatives from each of the state for whom allocation has been done. The function of the board, to explain very briefly, would be to determine how much water comes in and to allocate the respective shares to the states. But, more importantly it shall have the power to implement it at the ground level without the intervention of the states, if required. This is what is required at this time, to implement what is agreed, would you not agree?

Like minded people like us in these four states should come together to press the need to implement what's agreed. We know that sharing is the only solution to keep each other happy and satisfied. Without people pressure the implementation of the Cauvery Management Board or 'scheme' will be a challenged. If you do agree please do sign this petition after giving it a thought. Do mention the State you live, in the "I'm signing because..." box and do forward this petition far and wide.

Note: Please do correct me if I am wrong on any details I have mentioned above.