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ah so lately i think im gonna die soon KANG DANIEL U NEED TO STOP DOING THIS TO ME i cannot take this anymore. the way he smiles aaaaaa my heart hurts even when hes sad: HE IS SMILING i am so fjskfhksjdks and did you guys see him hugging other trainees i am so emo the way he hugs them oH MY GOD PLZ HUG ME TOO HE IS A BEAR ISTG HE IS THE REAL LIFE ICE BEAR FROM WE BARE BEARS since nayana first performance on mcountdown i fell in love with his pink hair and i was really sad bec he was #23 in the first ep and i cried so hard YES I CRIED PLZ DONT JUDGE but then his ranking kept increasing and his sorry sorry eye contact video really HIT DAEBAK i was so thankful and really happy but lately .... my baby peach is gone i dont know what happened to my baby cutie peach ???? his get ugly performance OH MYFOSODOS SO HOT???? DANIEL AH MY HEART ...... and then his yeoreojweo performance.... LEADER KANG DANIEL OH MY OHSRHDJS NATION SEXY LEADER  and did guys did yall watch his performance during hands on me JESUS CHRIST I AM A SINNER that outfit oh m y god hes so hot?????? STOP IT. But during always .... when he started to rap wow i cried like shit i am a Loser :(( aigoo my giant baby kang daniel please stop making me feel like this i want to talk to your parents about this GIVE IT BACK U THIEF GIVE BACK MY HEART ㅜㅜㅜㅜ i am so Happy that he won #1 i really didnt expect my sexy cutie pie to be the center I AM SORRY FOR NOT BELIEVING IN YOU DANIEL AH i love you so much please dont get hurt :(( ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ (I WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL THE HEARTS IN THE WORLD)

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