Put Fortnite Mobile on School iPads

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Hello. As a person who is grateful for Kanawha County School’s protection of students through using a secure app which is used to download educational games, I believe that Fortnite Mobile should be added. Children all over this county, this state, this country and even the whole world play this game. This game brings children of all ages a sense, of teamwork, accomplishment, and happiness that not many other things can.

It all leads to this question.

Would you rather have kids juuling in the bathroom, or kids getting the dub in Fortnite? 

See? Fortnite is completely innocent compared to the crude and illegal acts done by many juvenile delinquents in our school district. Students just want to have fun after learning. Angry Birds Rio is already a choice, but come on. Angry Birds Rio is almost 7 years old. People haven’t brought up Angry Birds in a long time. Fortnite is relevant. So relevant that celebrities, teachers, parents, and even grandparents know and play this game. Some people may not find it fun, but will respect it for the good impact it has had on our culture. 

Now, this question may be odd, or even considered idiotic. But we want to know.

Can you allow access to Fortnite Mobile on the SelfService app?