Protect the North Ranchos

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There is a proposed zone change before the city council for parcel #K-19-8-annex (empty property North of Kanab Creek Drive, East of Hamblin Drive, South of Powell Drive, and East of Kanab Creek) to go from an RA (residential agriculture, 1 residence on 2-10 acres) zone to an R-1-8 (4 residences per acre, homes on 1/4 acre lots) and an R-1-15 (2 residences per acre, homes on 1/2 acre lots). This change is being pushed by Best Friends Animal Society and Karen Alvey. The majority of homes built would only be available to their employees.

The parcel is surrounded by homes that lie in an RR-1 zone (all the homes sit on at least 1 acre, with most sitting on closer to 3 acres.) We are not against the development and growth of the area, but it needs to happen in conjunction with existing properties, zones, and nature of the North Ranchos. The property needs to remain RA, or at most be increased in density to an RR-1, which is what it is surrounded by on all sides.

We, as Kanab Residents need to band together and let the city council know we as citizens, do not want our rural way of living sold off to large corporations. Large corporations do NOT get to determine the feel and way of living in Kanab,  that right belongs to the people, and it's high time we took that right back. 

Best Friends already owns several businesses on center street in Kanab we can't let them have our back yards too. If this zone change goes through, it will set a precedent for all of Kanab, it WILL spread to your backyards too.

If you are against this zone change (and all future ones it will set the tone for) please sign our petition, come to the city council meeting on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 6:30pm, and write or reach out to city council members voicing your opposition. Thanks!

Let's give the voice back to the people!