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Apologize to Tommy; any abuse of a child is NEVER okay.

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On February 7, 2012, a Kamloops Yellow Cab driver yelled and swore at my eleven year old son Tommy and his babysitter during a cab ride from school to home.  Apparently, the cab driver made comment regarding his personal opinion on Tommy’s problems and what needed to be done with him. Tommy was angry and told the cab driver not to talk to him.

I agree.  The cab driver should not have been making rude comments.  Was Tommy polite? No, he probably wasn’t.  My son has ADHD and an autism spectrum disorder. He has challenging behaviours and because he looks and sounds “normal”, most people will assume that he is a “bad kid” and a product of indifferent parenting.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  He is not always aware of how he is offending you, and you, in turn, are not aware of how you contribute to the difficulty he has in negotiating simple situations.

I don’t know what kind of day the driver had; it may have been extremely stressful.  However, that does not excuse his actions.  He could have chosen to refuse to drive my son in his cab.  Under the circumstances, that might have been the right decision.  Instead, the driver chose to verbally abuse my son until he was reduced to tears and panicking because he felt trapped in the back of the vehicle.

I have checked with the Better Business Bureau, The City of Kamloops Licensing Department, the Kamloops RCMP, local lawyers, and a local newspaper; unfortunately, no one can take action on this.

I don’t want this man to lose his job; I don’t want money; I don’t want him to be publicly shamed.  All I want for my son is an apology.  That’s all. Admit to making the wrong decision and tell him that you’re sorry. That one simple action would set a good example for him in taking personal responsibility. 

And to the owner of Yellow Cabs- set an example, take responsibility for your business and drivers, and issue a company apology to my son.

Do the right thing, and apologize to Tommy. 
Any abuse of a child is NEVER okay.


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