Tell Kamloops Council: We Want A Nature Park for Mac Island, No 'Multi-Use' Sports Park!

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Residents were clear about their wishes for the McArthur Island golf course lands. From the report on the City of Kamloops survey:

“The most popular response, by a wide margin, was to leave the property as a natural, passive area with trails and an educational component.”

We've now learned that the Parks department has ignored your wishes and wants to press ahead with a design for a 'multi-use' sports park that will include an 18 hole championship disc golf course, cross country mud running, and bike trails. This was despite the fact that the survey also indicated people did NOT want sports uses in this space. 

Tell Council this is unacceptable! Send in an e-mail and then sign this petition letting us know you've contacted them. E-mails can be directed to:,,,,,,,,

Benefits of an Interpretive Nature Park
* All ages education
* Positive impact on North Shore
* Kamloops Naturalist Club and 14 community partner groups are dedicated to addressing encampments, crime, garbage, and invasive weed issues
* Tourist attraction 
* Multi-use and accessible 
* Endless activities: Free classes, Rotary history of Kamloops loop and peace park, pollinator gardeners, picnic and sitting areas, natural playground, space for performances, and more. 

Why its not compatible with sports

Two main reasons. Adding sports into a passive park space detracts from safety and enjoyment as well as degrades the natural and interpretive value of the site. 

1) Safety and Enjoyment

While disc golf has a pretty good safety record, people have reported feeling unsafe around the flying discs. Accidents can happen, in the states a woman was blinded in one eye and a young boy received a traumatic brain injury. Disc golf clubs even recommend their members take out liability insurance in case they injure a member of the public. 

Unfortunately, the safety issue would mean free educational classes couldn't be offered. Why should so many people miss out for a club of 50 members who already have a play site in Rose Hill ? 

2) Damage to Environment 

Nature needs to be protected in interpretive nature parks as its the main attractions for visitors! Unfortunately, sports activities would do too much damage.

Disc golf has been removed from a site near TRU already for this reason. It was also rejected from going into South Shore nature parks because our Parks department found it would cause too much disturbance. 

Unless there's a large space where mitigation techniques can be used (100+ acres) its just too disruptive. We're a bee city and don't want trampled flowers and injured trees. If the wildlife is scared off how can others enjoy this space ?