No More Fingertip Rule in Collier County

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No More Fingertip Rule in Collier County

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Jenny Rivera started this petition to Collier County Public Schools Kamela Patton and

Above is a photo of my friend and I wearing out of dress code outfits because of our shorts.

Ripped jeans and leggings with mesh are also not allowed at school even though the student code of conduct doesn't specify this.

Schools in Naples, Florida have these rules that are irrational and demeaning and they should be changed for the following reasons:

Dress code comes with a couple of "reasons" in mind.

1. It is distracting to boys.

A document the length of an Encyclopedia would not be sufficient enough to explain how ridiculous this is.

My dog loves food, however, at the dinner table, he does not jump up and eat the food. Why? Because I said no. Perhaps we should teach boys this principle OR we could respect them enough to not consider them less controlled than dogs.

Additionally, I assure you I have never turned heads for wearing my baggy running shorts and a hoodie. By far the most comfortable outfit to wear to school. My clothes have been a distraction once and once only. When I was dress coded and forced to wear gym shorts to class. They were huge, ill-fitting and a distraction. I missed 20 minutes of class time and when I walked in mid-lecture, the entire class was distracted by the fact that I looked like a walking trash bag.

2. Employability 

Take a look at colleges which produce the most employable and successful people in the world. There is no "fingertip" rule and somehow the students manage to learn (boys included) and succeed.

Also, trying to coddle students is nothing short of ridiculous. Hovering over our shoulders in the hall and shaming us for a rip in our jeans does not make us better people. It's the kind of thing that makes us hate our schools. 

3. Dressing for success 

You can wear shorts and dress for success. Nothing about legs should mean that someone is suddenly unsuccessful. Let's also keep in mind that Naples is in South Florida. It is summer year-round and expecting girls to consistently wear pants is, once again, ridiculous. Also I'm at school to learn and if I want to succeed and pursue my dreams in shorts so be it. (Also how are baggy gym shorts more "successful" than tasteful shorts)

Also- These rules are completely sexist!

By making these rules you are objectifying girls. You make it seem as if by showing skin on our legs or, god forbid, our shoulder. We are welcoming guys or trying to tempt them. We are also minors and it's crazy that 30 year old men are looking at 14 year old girls and telling them their shorts are too short.

So, why do I have these concerns? Because I have one concern and that is school. I want to learn and I need to feel comfortable and jeans, for me, are not it. Running shorts are comfortable and even more so when paired with a hoodie. It is not inflammatory, distracting or ill-fitting. The only rule it doesn't satisfy is the "fingertip rule" which, if I haven't made clear yet, is ridiculous. I also fail to see any rationality behind this rule and expect a change or valid response. 

Additionally, I must mention that there is much more to say and none of it supports this dress code. If my mom deems my shorts appropriate and they were appropriate to visit Harvard in, I don't see why there's such an issue wearing them to high school.

Lastly, shame on whoever tries to silence the students. No one  is remembered for staying quiet when they know something is wrong. Students should be able to speak their mind and school should be a safe place to learn without concerns over whether my shoulder is causing guys to pass out in the halls.

Proposed Rules:

Shorts must cover entire bottom and must not be of spandex material or ill-fitting.

The code of conduct already says that ripped jeans and mesh leggings are in dress code unless deemed inappropriate (although it is not enforced in this way). Therefore, students should be allowed to wear jeans with rips at the knee or below and leggings with mesh at the knee or below.

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This petition had 2,167 supporters

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