Withhold Law Enforcement paid leave pending Investigation.

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For many years Minorities have endured abuse and racism from Law Enforcement and their cries goes unheard. It wasn’t until a man named George Holliday released a video of Rodney King being beaten that the world knew that our stories were true. Even now with Video proof these rogue Police Officers are still being let off the hook. We understand that their job is dangerous and stressful, however that is not a reason to kill a human being who are unarmed and/or pose no threat.

 We have Judges, Jury Members, and Prosecutors who ignore the law and give these rogue Officers a pass without any consequences. It is time that we the people take a stand against this tyranny and make America great for everyone. 

 So therefore, I propose that any questionable shooting by Law Enforcement Officers that their paid leave be withheld pending a thorough investigation and the investigation also includes an independent party. If it is determined that the shooting is unjustified the money will be forward to the victim’s family. This will not be considered as a settlement.