White People need to be held accountable for calling the Police on Black People.

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A new Epidemic is on the rise. I call it. “Call the Police on Black People Syndrome”. As we all know everyday there’s a new account of a Black person having to defend their daily activity, sitting in a Starbucks, Barbequing at a park, shopping for Prom, pushing their baby in a stroller through the park, and simply waking up going about their routine. It has become a Crime to be Black in America. We can’t wait for White people to defend our right to do the very things their White Privilege allows them to do without harassment, without being detained by Police because of White Fear or sense of Entitlement. I think about our children who will one day face the same kind of bigotry, it breaks my heart to see that this is the climate we live in today. We need to hold people accountable for falsifying claims against Black people based on their own fear and bigotry of Black people. Let’s give this petition life and help put a stop to these empty based complaints.