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Tell congress to FIRE Ajit Pai and that he cannot be involved with the FCC!

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai must be removed from his post at the FCC!

These are the facts: Millions of Americans have asked the Federal Communications Commission to keep its current net neutrality regulations, which protect the free and open internet. These regulations were enacted as a result of decades of hearings, meetings, and legal battles. They have broad bipartisan public support. The current regulations have been upheld in court. They have not decreased investment in broadband, according to broadband companies themselves. And they are about to be dismantled.

Since taking office, he has been responsible for developing a plan that destroys the internet as we know it, reversing all of the regulations that insure net neutrality remains intact, and has blatantly and publicly ignored the will of the people he is supposed to work for. He has outwardly and loudly insulted the citizens who our speaking out against his plan, insulting them verbally and dismissing their demands as ignorant and unimportant. The exact OPPOSITE of his purpose.

More than 25 MILLION people have voiced their concerns on the FCC website against the changes he has proposed to Net Neutrality. He dismissed us as "desperate" and "hysterical". He claimed that most of the complaints were fake, (they were not) but the only evidence or any fake comments are comments that support the FCC's decision. Millions of the comments were proven to be fake, using names of the deceased and shown to be automated responses originating from Russia, but instead Pai insists that OUR opinions are invalid.

The FCC has completely ignored the will of the American people and voted to pass these measures anyway. 

Pai does not work for the people of the United States, he works for the corporations that want to control the internet (ISPs). His history and track record are proof enough that he is not able to act in a fair and balanced way.

He should not be allowed to hold a position of power in the FCC and he has violated the very sanctity of this nation by dismissing his BOSSES (Us, the American People) as ignorant fools. 

Tell the government to GET RID OF AJIT PAI

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