Rescue Little Abraham from Cruel, Abusive n Scammer Ex-Husb and Reunite with Lynn Shia

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     These videos are of a most unfortunate mother and the most cruel husband in the world. Chinese ( and English (

     I, Lynn Shia, a Singaporean woman, was cheated by a Michael Moses(currently living in Texas holding my son ONLY to get U.S residence) who manipulated me to marry him to become Singaporean. It did not materialize. He planned to deliver my baby in U.S so that he can become U.S resident. He took me to U.S, divorced me, got Abraham delivered in Dallas, Texas, U.S, tortured me for 4 years INCLUDING REGULAR RAPE, ( non-consensual, forced  sex), black mailed me of hurting my son (If i inform authorities)by  keeping 4 years old son as hostage. He House arrested me for 4 years. Finally, snatched  away my 4 years son and sent me to Singapore by bluffing that he will send Abraham soon to Singapore.

I can revel his identity and SSN once authorities are convinced and when they contact me at

     Everyday is a plight for me now. Every night I cry. I want my son. He is not giving Hence, I am making this request.

   He doesn't even allow me to see my son even in Video. He went and wrongfully added him as a custodial parent by making the authorities to believe that I ran away to Singapore. The fact is he asked me to go to Singapore with a cheating plan. 

    My book Ms. Lynnocent explains each and every manipulation of my cruel Ex. Please read it and learn from Lynn’s blunders!!

    I beg, cry, lament and plead...Please help me to get back to my Son by 1. Signing this petition 2. If possible, buying my book from the above site. 3. Spreading the message .