Reparations For My Neighbors

Reparations For My Neighbors

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Ashley Tucker started this petition to Attorney General Kamala Harris and

The American government is currently in litigation for the most recent incident of violation of human rights, to the sum of $450,000 per person. African Americans have been requesting reparations for the same violation that started occurring well over 100 years ago and continue to occur today.

Reparations for African Americans are warranted based on The Civil Liberties Act of 1988

Yet the U.S government is only willing to change school names and tear down statues for the violation of human rights and enslavement of African Americans.

Despite African American efforts,The government has yet to make an amends for the well known inhumane treatment of Them.

The law is on African Americans side, but it is not being enforced. Why? Changing the name of schools and tearing down statues do nothing to show true remorse for the treatment of African Americans. African Americans have asked for reparations and have been refused? Why? Not only for slavery, but also for what came next, for the reason why the government still hasn’t made a true amends, and for why the government doesn’t intend to make a true amends.                   

1. Black families have been divided and corrupted intentionally by the system for years. Many black children have been abused, abandoned and left hopeless. Most of which, regardless of efforts, are mentally affected, one way or another.

2. Black Communities have been corrupted with the release of addictive drugs and physical abuse, by those put in place to protect them.

3. African American citizens were refused basic government assistance for trying to maintain the family unit with a mother and father.  Forcing separation of family 

4. African American citizens have been subjected to Extended jail sentences, for committing crimes out of desperation; that are now legal. Further Forcing separation of family 

5. Based on current events they are still not treated as all humans should be, causing further mental degradation. 

Many try but only a small percentage of black communities are left unaffected. African Americans are people with deep rooted inhumane treatment. They are your neighbors. They are your friends. They deserve for someone to make a true amends.

This is a new age. Sign this petition to support your neighbors. America is very capable of paying reparations. African Americans deserve more than the removal of statues and the changing of school names. African Americans  are people equal to the next. Let’s treat them as such. It doesn’t take 100 years to see reparations are due? Obviously.

Action speaks louder than words.

Sign and share this petition to Help get reparations for African American citizens

This petition is not to determine if reparations in current litigation are warranted. This petition is using the current case in litigation to show the speediness of action to make right the same wrong our government has yet to make amends for the African American people .

We need together and We bleed Together.           Let’s succeed together.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
At 50 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!