Per vp harris’ campaign promise from vp debate, **legalize marijuana and expunge records

Per vp harris’ campaign promise from vp debate, **legalize marijuana and expunge records

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Started by PJ Buckles

Alcohol kills; tobacco kills; fentanyl kills; tik tok challenges kill. - marijuana improves the quality of lives, but has never ended one. 
weed is not the reason for your mixed race grand kids. 
hemp is more valuable than dupont and, unlike petroleum products, is not a dwindling resource.

What was actually in those oklahoma cookies that made a teacher sick? Gluten? Peanuts?

no good deed ever goes unpunished 

Stop the madness - pot cures covid.

TTPP, 2004-2014, funneled a decade of payments to people farming tobacco in an attempt for them to rotate their crops and stop being cancer ranchers - do you think it worked?  Just ask how many cancer ranchers received pandemic aid - enough for the Federal Government to earmark $$$MILLIONS$$$ to keep them producing one of the all time killers of American taxpayers, the people who funded the Government in the first place. 
This has become so ridiculous that this “schedule 1 narcotic”- meaning more dangerous than METH, COCAINE or FENTANYL - is still being demonized when it’s been clearly shown that it’s safer than tylenol. 
Is it because big pharma hasn't had a breakthrough for children’s cannabis ??

They must be so jelly that they didn’t come up with Charlotte’s web…not the book nor the quality-of-life saving cannabis strain changing the seizure stricken lives of those children lucky enough to have parents willing to break antiquated and racist laws -  laws that have been promised by our nations leaders to be stricken from the federal statutes. 

If only the American people could rise up against this immoral ban of an innocent plant, persecuted by old white men in power to protect their bank accounts and bloodlines, with the same fervor they use when opposing a face mask… 


21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!