Investigate the Abuse & Corruption in the Dept. of Justice, the BOP, and Pardon Joe Exotic

Investigate the Abuse & Corruption in the Dept. of Justice, the BOP, and Pardon Joe Exotic

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Started by Tamara Springer

I am asking you to please open an investigation into the Dept. of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons for corruption and abuse and to request a pardon for myself, Joe Exotic. I have been in federal custody since Sept. 2018 and have been plagued the entire time with corruption, violence, and incredible health risks. The government witnesses at my trial have admitted to perjury and signed affidavits recanting their testimonies. I have not received any remedy from the court in this matter and am an innocent man serving a very long time in prison. The court system is very hostile and vindictive in proving one's innocence and the the justice system is not set up to fix the problem that was created to begin with. When Trump was president, I believed he would pardon me, but the events that led up to January 6 stalled many of his plans. If justice cannot come from the court system, then it must come from a higher authority. With the entire USA watching the corruption unfold, it is setting a very bad precedent regarding the confidence of Americans citizens when the abuse of power is continually allowed and not stepping in to correct the injustice. While I am still hoping for a pardon, I am concerned about the abuse that I and many others have experienced, including sexual assault by jail staff. I tried to report the incident, but it was covered up. Another inmate, Justin Thao, was also assaulted and hung himself in the same cell where they abused me. Since that incident, I have faced continual retaliation by staff. They attempt to keep me from being able to contact anyone in the outside world by writing false disciplinary reports that they use to take away my telephone and email privileges. They have also denied me access to the press completely for four years for no reason. The conditions of my confinement are horrendous with black mold in the ventilation system, broken glass in the window, broken plumbing, and open sewage. By limiting my communications, they are effectively retaliating on a whistleblower who is trying to report these violations. My health is very bad and I suffer from two incurable diseases that require blood infusions every four weeks just to stay alive. I have been denied these treatments many times for months at a time, causing me to suffer physically. The Senate and Congress signed compassionate release into law and I should have already been granted it due to my severe ongoing health conditions, but the court has not been favorable to my pleas for help. When the courts refuse to follow the law, a higher branch of government must step in and hold them accountable.

These are my requests:

1. I would like to see an investigation into the sexual abuse done to myself by prison staff.

2. I would like to see an investigation done into the retaliation that I have faced while trying to report these felony actions.

3. I would like to see the prison stop harassing me and allow media access if they choose to contact me.

4. I would like to see the horrendous treatment I have received addressed by the U.S. Senate with recommendations made regarding a clemency or pardon.

5. I would like to see a surprise inspection of the facilities made by independent members of the Senate and Congress where I was being confined and be given the chance to speak with them privately.

With almost no inspections being done of their facilities, the BOP has turned into a circus of dishonesty, corruption, abuse, and failure to the American people. I am asking for the abuse to stop and for the abusers to be held accountable. 

This is not Russia or a third world country. Americans deserve better.


Joseph Maldonado-Passage

23,235 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!