A Letter to President Biden: Manifest Humanity "A Conversation about Peace"

A Letter to President Biden: Manifest Humanity "A Conversation about Peace"

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Kwabena Amoah-Forson started this petition to Attorney General Kamala Harris and

Dear Mr. President,

I hope that you and your family have been well and in good spirits. I have been well myself and though we live in trying times, it’s been inspirational to see America building and mending wounds from the Coronavirus pandemic by working together. Your bills, such as the American Rescue Plan Act and more specifically The American Jobs Plan are revolutionizing, as they seek to create solutions to repair our society and economy.  As your recent bills strive to build on economic progress, as well as the overall health safety of our society, our nation seeks to create solutions that will lead America upward and onward. 

It is because of the courageousness and work of leaders and change makers, that I’ve been inspired to add to the atmosphere of change by honing in on the most important subject of all, peace. 

Violence, hatred, racism, poverty and division are problems we’ve become all too accustomed to seeing and experiencing in our communities. We witness violence every day, not only on the news, but in the streets, in our schools, at work and even at home. Our nation’s problems seem overwhelming and the division we’ve witnessed amongst ourselves grows larger and larger every day. 

For the past 5 years I have been campaigning for peace locally in my hometown of Tacoma, Washington, as well as the west coast of the United States and abroad in Europe. In 2019 I created a local Humanitarian Aid Organization called, The Peace Bus. I use my organization and platform to raise the conversation of peace with my community and those who I serve. 

The Peace Bus helps to distribute goods such as socks, blankets, and food to people in need in various communities.

I also work to educate children and adults alike on the concepts of peace with the goal of creating a more peaceful world. I have gone to schools and colleges to create conversations with students about how they can create peace amongst themselves.

I feel that the basis to which we will gain solidarity as a country will be embedded in our ability to see each other for who we are. We are human beings bound by a single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.  

That is why this August 22nd The Peace Bus, (which is an actual motor vehicle) and I will be headed out on a journey of a lifetime, driving from Washington State to Washington DC in an effort to meet with you to have a discussion about what we all can do as people to bring the nation together in peace. 

Along the way, I will be stopping in major cities giving out books on peace, love, and understanding to kids across America. Children from the age of 5 all the way to our big kids who attend college will be given these books for free, as it is my hope to plant seeds of peace across our country so that when our children grow up they may have a heart to help others and a passion to live as one. 

This massive and ambitious Humanitarian Aid effort is called, Manifest Humanity. 

With the ultimate goal of meeting with you to have a conversation about peace and our country coming together, I will be meeting with public officials, senators, representatives and politicians to get their thoughts on the subject of peace.  As we both know, a conversation is a union of words involving multiple people. We exchange thoughts and dialogue with the purpose of gaining understanding.  It interests me greatly to learn about other’s perspectives on unification and nonviolence. 

I hope to learn from my conversations with our country's elected officials and I also hope that they may learn from my words as well. 

In moving forward, with peace being the ultimate goal of our society, I have come to the conclusion that there are systemic obstacles that must be dismantled and deconstructed for the betterment of our nation. 

These institutions of violence choke the essence of progress and hinder us from reaching our potentiality in a world of abundance. 

Without compromise we must find a way to devise a plan and execute an operation that works to dismantle major institutions of violence.  The prime forces of which are:

1. Poverty  

2. Hunger

3. Exclusion to Quality Education. 

We cannot deny them. The violence we’ve seen within our community, and the polarization we’ve witnessed across our nation are results of the institutions that bind us in fear. These forces, if remain, will continue to deter mankind from reaching peace. 

We all share the same goals of a hope for a better future, the safety for ourselves and our loved ones, and hopefully a faith in humanity. 

It will be my mission to discuss not only what is to be gained by establishing peace within our nation, but to talk with you, our President, about peace on an individual level, and how we all can work towards reducing violence, and creating peace. 

How can we go about coming together and creating a more peaceful world if we don’t talk about it? 

Peace is a gift, presented to those who practice it.

The manifestation of our humanity will be made evident by the will of the people and sought after by a mission of true progress. 

If we as a society will work to make outstanding advancements in technology, to leap new bounds in science, systems and economy, we must make space to include the pursuit of peace as a priority for positive change. 

Mr. President, if you could find the time, it would be an honor and a privilege to have a conversation with you about peace. A few minutes to share dialogue about the most important subject of all would be a monumental drop in the sea of solidarity. Its ripples would extend far across America, adding to the atmosphere of positive change we as a country have already set in motion. Being the leader that you are, a single discussion, addressing the issues that hinder us from becoming more united would set off a wave of hope.  I believe that it would inspire the people of our country to begin thinking of how peace is not only achievable but a necessity. 

My job as a humanitarian is to seek to understand how we can improve the lives of all people. I believe that with your help, our nation can come together with a common goal of peace, sparking a new era of possibilities in which we choose to understand each other. 

President Biden, thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Kwabi Amoah-Forson

Founder of The Peace Bus

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