International Investigation Into The Case Of Beirut Port Explosion

International Investigation Into The Case Of Beirut Port Explosion

July 9, 2021
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Attorney General Kamala Harris
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Why this petition matters

We, the undersigned, members of the Lebanese diaspora in The United States of America, act by our national position and our ethical duty, bewildered by the scale of the disaster that has struck our fellow citizens in Lebanon in their life and their property and disgusted by the irresponsible and indifferent attitude on the part of the Lebanese government. A government that did not content itself with showing negligence and breach of its obligations in the way of dealing with the causes of the explosion, but did not hesitate either to exploit this atrocious crime for political ends and for narrow personal interests. This government has intentionally chosen not to act, preferring to dance on the corpses of innocent victims in order to free itself from all responsibility and silence the truth.
This atrocious crime against humanity which awakened the conscience of the whole world, did not even touch the conscience of the authorities that are truly responsible for the explosion; they indeed caused, intentionally, by their negligence and by failure to obligations, the death of hundreds of children, young people and women, in addition to thousands of injured, and many missing, as well as the enormous destruction of public and private property.
This Government, instead of listening to the calls of the citizens by carrying out a serious and transparent investigation, tried, with unparalleled boldness, to obstruct the investigation, to hide the evidence, to exert pressure on the judges and the security services that are under its control and that are in charge of the investigation, with the aim of protecting those involved for the simple fact that they are affiliated with one or the other of the parties in power, a power that these parties have full control over.
Vice President Harris,
You are well aware that an incident of such magnitude does have ramifications and technical dimensions that need to be looked at when determining its causes; there are many analyzes and interpretations taking place, which raises the need to resort to expertise and modern and sophisticated equipment which the Lebanese security services do not have.

You also know that the Lebanese judiciary - due to political interference in its affairs and its work - is unable to achieve results in the examination of the cases entrusted to it, let alone when it comes to a crime as big as this one. Unfortunately, experience with the judiciary shows us that the judiciary has buried all the cases it had before it in the past.
The pressure and blatant interference in the work of the investigating judges is evident, all this for the sake of protecting those in high power and covering up the facts related to the crime.
We, attached to the preservation of the dignity of the country and in the name of the martyrs, the tears of their parents, the suffering of the wounded, of those still missing, of the victims affected by the explosion,
And in order to reveal the truth so that each person involved, whether by dereliction of duty, negligence, complicity or active participation in this crime can obtain the punishment they deserve:
Urge you to make all the necessary efforts to work on the constitution of an international fact-finding committee and the prosecution of any person who turns out to be directly responsible for this criminal act, whether at the Port or within the political power.
Hoping to receive a favorable response from your part.

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Signatures: 560Next Goal: 1,000
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