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Increase funding for the Foster Care System

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The foster care system is essential to parentless and neglected/abused children. Without it, thousands of kids would be living on the streets. Yes, it is a plus that we have such a system but it has plenty of room for improvement. In particular, the amount of social workers in the system should be increased so that the social worker to foster child ratio is improved and foster youth who have aged out should receive more support. By increasing funding by $18 billion [currently at $8 billion], which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the nation, and by modifying the act, additional social workers and case managers could be hired to overlook these kids in the system (U.S. Department of Health & Human Service, 2017).

Funding for the foster care system should be increased so foster youth will gain more support once they have aged out to become independent. Each year thousands of young people leave the foster care system and enter the community as "independent" members of society. Many will need assistance in making the transition and in developing the skills to cope successfully with problems and decisions related to jobs, housing and other essential areas of independent living. But while the foster care system recognizes the importance of developing independent living skills for teenagers, they cannot support the implementation of a new categorical services program for this purpose (Administration for children and families).

Another reason why the foster care system should get funded more is that the ratio of social workers to foster children is drastically uneven because of the lack of funding and the funds are not being spent in the proper areas. Caseworkers can have a caseload of 70 to 100 manage to go out and see the children (McFadden, 2016). This means that social workers and case managers in our foster care system are substantially overwhelmed. This shows how more workers are needed in order to have a more functioning system. By increasing the amount of social workers and case managers, foster children will live in better situations because they will be monitored and visited more often. Texas spends less than half of what states spend on foster care on average-even though the Texas agency’s funding has increased by 85 percent (Fogel, 2017). It is obvious that Texas is not spending enough money on their foster care system. Because of this, the state once had a poor system which included a lack of social workers. This is important because although Texas had increased funding as a state, they did not spend it in the right areas, which is why they once had an awful foster care system. The right area would be increasing the amount of social workers they have in order to insure the welfare and well-being of each child.

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