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"Improve Quality Living For The Homeless"

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Many people tend to ignore that the amount of homeless that exist in our state is increasing and that it is affecting us, in fact homelessness is increasing at a high rate in a short amount of time. The increase in unemployment and the low number of affordable housing  and or apartments, causes people to not be able to pay for a home, food, and other resources to maintain a stable life. As a result, they end up living in the streets; polluting our environment, affecting the businesses that are around them because customers are scared of entering the shops, and the most important of all, they affect our economy by making the state waste an enormous amount of money on medical bills.

To face this problem, the bill H.R.4888 was introduced January 6, 2015 to the United States by Congress which would provide over $13 billion over 5 years to strengthen programs such as Medicaid, behavioral health providers, housing providers, and finance support services. This un-passed bill must be brought back up by the House of Representatives both the majority party(Republican) whose leader is Paul Ryan and by the minority party(Democratic) whose leader is Nancy Pelosi, in order for it to pass.If this bill were to pass, then we as a society will find ourselves on the right course in reducing the amount of homeless people out in the streets by having better health providers, housing providers, and finance support services programs to relieve the economy strain to our society.

Today we have more people out in the streets begging for money, a place to live, or just a comfortable place  to sleep for the night.According to the article Homelessness is increasing in big U.S cities, stated that “Almost 47 million people in the U.S. lived in poverty last year, 2.3 percentage points higher than in 2007, before the recession began”(Bloomberg, 2015). This shows  that the amount of people that can not afford to have a proper living is increasing at a high rate. As a result of this most of the homeless have to take shelter on the streets, affecting the businesses that are around them. When homeless are around a store, the store becomes less attractive which scares the customers away, affecting the earnings of the business.


The amount of homelessness that are living in Los Angeles is affecting us in various ways, but the most important one that we should worry the most, is that it is  affecting us economically.Since homeless have no money, when they get injured, the hospital's duty is to allow them in and to cure them, but since they have no money, the government is the one in charge of paying for those medical bills making them waste more money for the homeless. For instance the National Alliance to End Homelessness(NAEH), “found that the average cost to California hospitals of treating a substance abuser is about $8,360 for those in treatment, and $14,740 for those who are not”(NAEH).In other words, this is saying that the government is wasting a significant amount of money in treatment, hospital bill for homeless, making it impossible to help all of them.However, if the government decided to pass this bill, that will provide more housing for the homeless, it will decrease the amount of money that we are wasting on medical bills. For example,“A 2009 study from the University of Southern California examined the cases of four homeless people who were put in permanent supportive housing — and found that for each person, the cost of public services fell by more than $20,000 for each year they spent in a stable residence.”(Eichler, 2012). This shows that once you give a home to a homeless their quality life starts to improve, reducing the amount of medical bills that the government has to pay. In the long term this bill will only improve our economy by lowering the amount of money wasted on homelessness medical bills.

Please help us improve the quality living for the homeless and help us improve the economy lost that is occurring because of homelessness.They are humans just like us and they don't deserve to be suffering through life like this. Even though we suffer as well, most of at least have a place to sleep and food, but they don't, so support us by signing this petition. Help us make a positive change in our community.


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