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Reduce Colony Collapse Disorder

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There are around 400,000 plant species across the world today. Though imagine a world without any wildflowers or tress. A colorless and barren land, when every time you look up the only thing you see is industrial buildings and concrete. This may soon be our reality if the bee population continues to decline. This predicament is known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). CCD is the textbook name for the disappearance of the honey bees and their hives and the increased levels of mortality of the world’s most important pollinator. Colony Collapse Disorder has been a rising issue, “Since 2006, commercial beekeepers in the United States have seen honey bee colony loss rates increase to an average of 30% each winter, compared to historical loss rates of 10 to 15%”(The White House, 2014). 

There are a number of theories as to why this is occurring– the major ones being: pesticide use, monoculture, malnourishment on honey farms, and varroa mites. The loss of our pollinators can lead to the depletion of our food supply, the increase of food prices, the crash of our agricultural economy, the rise in health issues associated with nutrition, and collapse of various ecosystems.

We can combat this by creating an incentive-based policy for farmers to incorporate bee friendly methods of agriculture. The California State government should increase subsidies and implement tax cuts of 2% for farmers who decrease or halt the use of pesticides on their farms.

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